Engineering Machinery

 • Overhead Cranes: 2 x 10 Ton
    Demag with 9.5m head
 • Rolling Machine: 25mm Plate
    up to 3.2.m over bed
 • Bending press: 250 Ton
    Bending 12 mm plate up
    to 3.2 m over bed
 • Guillotine: Cut 12 mm Plate up
    to 3.2 m over bed
 • Hydraulic Metal Worker
   (Punch & Shearing):
    60 Ton 28 mm holes up
    to 15 mm plate
 • Lathe: Dia = 400mm * 2m
 • Milling Machine: Table width
    360mm x 1.5m bed
 • Vertical Shaper: Max Slot
    Length 320mm
 • Radial arm Drill: Drill D
    35mm * 1 meter reach
 • Compressor: Large
 • Portable Hydraulic Beam
    Punch: 35mm holes up
    to16mm plate
 • Semi automatic welding
    machines: Co2 & Arc (Mig, Tig)
 • Power Saw: 450mm bed
    length x 200mm bed width
 • Straight edge cutters: 3 x up
    to 150mm steel
 • High speed cut off machines:
   400mm Cut off wheel x 150mm
    bed clamp

  Our workshop is equipped with top of the range machinery, equipment, tools and qualified well trained employees to ensure that we deliver only the best quality. The pride of our equipment is our four roll hydraulic plate rolling machine with dual pre-bending (model MCB).

The MCB rolling machine is the ideal apparatus to bend plate from 10 to 25mm, with a rolls width of up to 3.2m over bed. It is accurate, user friendly and fast representing the best available on the market today. The MCB also represents advantages not available on other models. It can automatically pre-bend the leading edge leaving the shortest possible flat end to ensure minimal waste which allows enormous saving on material costs especially on thicker material.
The MCB can roll the plate without removing, turning or reintroducing the plate as required by a single leading pre-bending machine used for this range of plate thicknesses. Unlike three roll models that require pre-bending on both ends, the MCB only requires that leading edge is pre-bent. Another important advantage is the possibility to make a shell in a single pass. Conical as well as cylindrical sections can be rolled.
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